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Fort Meade Tech Expo

September 19, 2023 to September 19, 2023
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Club Meade, 6600 Mapes Road, Fort Meade, Maryland, United States, 20755

About This Event

Fort Meade Tech Expo
Now Open
Monday 7am–11am (Breakfast), 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
Tuesday 7am–11am (Breakfast), 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
Wednesday 7am–11am (Breakfast), 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
Thursday 7am–11am (Breakfast), 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
Friday 7am–11am (Breakfast), 5pm-11pm (Dinner)
Saturday 7am–3pm (Breakfast/Brunch), 5pm-11pm (Dinner)
Sunday 7am–3pm (Breakfast/Brunch), 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
Due to COVID-19 our restaurant is openonly for take-away orders